Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Being Together on the Spiritual Path of Buddhism

Buddha said:
If two partners [such as a husband and wife], who are leading a harmonious life together, wish to remain together into the future, then they should take care to be well matched in the qualities of faith, morality, generosity and wisdom.

Just as one is inspired and enthusiastic in their faith, so should the other be. Just as one is careful and compassionate, and upholding moral conduct, just so should the other be.

If one of them wishes to support a worthy cause, the other should encourage them. If the other wishes to offer aid, the first should be delighted.

And so too, they should strive to understand each other equally, though wisdom and knowledge.
In this way, Buddha defines the value of a committed partnership that is based on wholesome spiritual aspirations. Attachment, aversion and delusion are still major dangers that must be avoided, as they will undermine the benefits of a shared supportive path. But that is true for any activity that we are involved in, not just personal relationships.

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